Law Firm SEO: Learn to Increase Your Google Rankings

“96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.” Google Consumer Survey 2013 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has traditionally been viewed by law firms as a ‘necessary evil’. The need to be ‘visible’ outweighs [...]

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10 Ways to Differentiate Your Law Firm (With Examples)

The days are long gone when simply having a strong online presence – a website, a blog, and maybe a LinkedIn profile – was enough to separate your law firm from the competition. That’s all [...]

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20 Bizarre Law Firm Ads

Promoting legal services is no simple task. Vexed with a never-ending wave of competition many firms are forced to “think outside the box” to attract clients, resulting in truly bizarre ad campaigns. Here's what law firms in [...]

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Law Firm Websites: Definitive Guide

Almost every law firm has a website. Surprisingly, few have websites that provide a great user experience, are optimized for the search engines, and are able to maximize conversions. By following this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, [...]

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Law Firm Marketing Ideas (Massive List!)

Many law firms find it a real challenge to stand out from the crowd, attract new business, and to grow their practices. Legal services are a highly competitive area where you are frequently competing with [...]

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50 of the Best Law Firm Website Designs

Historically, law firm websites have been static, lacking in ascetics and usability. Today, law firms are starting to push the envelop to create engaging user experiences for their websites' visits. From inviting imagery, to detailed [...]

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