Copywriting for Lawyers

For lawyers, great copywriting is the difference between:

  • Readers being engaged – or drifting away from your website
  • Potential customers leaving their details – or skipping over your lead capture form
  • Prospects picking up the phone to book a meeting – or moving on to the competition

As one of the foundation stones of successful digital marketing for lawyers, copywriting is needed in virtually every step of your strategy.

If your content speaks to your target audience and is able to prompt action, you can generate more interest in your firm, a larger database of contacts, more leads, and more sales.

Why do most law firms get copywriting wrong?

Many law firms make the same mistakes with their content:

  • Untargeted content that is not directly speaking to their audience
  • Excessively dry, dull content that does not inspire action
  • Lawyers writing for lawyers rather than for customers
  • Websites that are like all the others and do not communicate the firm’s unique differences
  • Too much ‘we’ and not enough ‘you’
  • Too many words and not enough ‘punch’

How can you create content that hits the right notes?

Your law firm needs to stand out from the competition. The best way to do that is to have better copywriting.

We employ a process that ensures your content hits all the right notes with your website visitors, blog readers, and social media followers.


Before any writing starts, we develop a full understanding of your business: what you do, what makes you unique, how you see your business, how you would like others to see you. Most importantly, we develop a detailed profile of your target clients, what their pain points are, and how you are qualified to help them.


For each piece of content, you complete a ‘content intake’ questionnaire that gathers all the necessary information to specifically target the right readers and promote a desired action.


Based on the information gathered, our professional copywriters will develop a first draft that gets sent to you for approval.


Suggestions are made for amendments and improvements, which are then added to the copy and a second draft is completed.


Once this content has been approved, a final proofread will ensure that it is ready to be published – on your website, blog, across social media channels, or wherever the content is designed to be read and shared.

Convert more traffic

SEO marketing creates more traffic; compelling, original, and relevant content not only helps search engine rankings – it helps convert all that extra traffic.

That’s why professional copywriting is an integral part of law firm marketing and needs to be considered in its own right.

Why us?

Inbound Law Marketing has been providing marketing services to attorneys since 2009.

While some law firms handle copywriting internally, experience shows that these efforts are not a good use of time and often fail for the reasons detailed above.

That’s where our experienced copywriters can help your firm:

  • Extensive experience working in the legal industry and developing successful marketing campaigns.
  • Senior copywriters trained to write in a way that connects with, and engages, your target customers.
  • All content optimized for SEO generates more traffic AND is powerful enough to turn readers into customers.
  • Unique content developed for blogs and website resources – highly shareable across social media to expand your reach.
  • Rapid turnaround that gets regular content working for you, communicating all the benefits your law firm brings to your customers

Our proven track record of results sees us featured regularly in industry-leading publications such as Moz, Social Summit, Digital Marketing Radio, and Global TV.

No long-term contracts

Copywriting services can be purchased on a one-off or on-going basis. There are no long-term contracts to tie you down.

Exclusivity for your law firm

We accept two law firms per practice area per geographic location. However, you have the option to purchase exclusivity if you’d like to completely ‘own’ a region and keep the competition at bay.

What’s the first step?

We can discuss the copywriting options for your law firm in your free consultation.

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SEO for lawyers

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Google Adwords for lawyers

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Copywriting for lawyers


Compelling content that engages and inspires your target audience to take action: resulting in more consultations and client files.