Landing Page Design for Lawyers

Get more leads from your digital marketing campaigns.

landing page design for lawyers

Landing page design can make the difference between your AdWords campaign flying and taking a big dive.

The problem is that many law firms invest heavily in PPC to bring the traffic to their websites; but they neglect to focus on ‘converting’ that traffic into leads with well-designed landing pages.

“Companies typically spend $92 to bring customers to their site, but only $1 to convert them.”

Source: Eisenberg Holdings

Those that do have landing pages often ‘set and forget’. Failing to optimize the landing pages costs law firms money and can prevent growth.

Our landing page designs help you convert a greater share of that traffic into paying customers…

Landing Page 101

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are web pages set up to receive specific, qualified traffic – usually from AdWords or other PPC campaigns.

They are designed to convince visitors that they need to take the action you are proposing. For law firms this is usually booking a consultation or downloading some free information in return for their email addresses.

Why are they so important?

Without a well-designed landing page specifically targeted towards this traffic, visitors may end up on a page that is confusing or irrelevant to what they need. This means they will ‘bounce’ away somewhere else – probably to a competitor.

landing page design for lawyers

Give your digital marketing campaign a home


Website traffic is great, but it’s new customers you’re after.

Your digital marketing campaigns will largely be aimed at driving traffic to your website. PPC campaigns can be expensive for law firms, so it is even more important that you give visitors what they need – or they will vanish to a competitor’s site.

A professional landing page design service will help you squeeze every last drop out of your digital marketing strategy by:

  • Designing pages with messaging that talks directly to your target audience
  • Improving the performance of your campaign: resulting in better ROI and more leads
  • Conducting A/B testing to see which messaging works best
  • Quickly building new web pages to test services or a new market

The key is not just in having your landing pages well written; but in testing them to see what works best with your audience. We will test your pages head to head to find the winning combination with messaging and usability.

“Companies whose conversion rates improved last year are performing, on average, 50% more tests and using 47% more methods to improve conversion.”

Source: eConsultancy

If you’re looking for a ‘home’ for your digital marketing campaigns, where leads will be nurtured, Inbound Law Marketing is it.

We’re an Unbounce certified partner – which means we are recognized in the industry as expert landing page designers.



“Inbound is truly a standout within the industry and I would recommend them to anyone who is just starting out or is tired of ineffective service from their current provider.”

Andrew Keirstead
Chestermere Law





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