Best Live Chat for Lawyers: 13 Apps Reviewed

best-live-chat-apps-for-lawyersWhy are you seeing live chat on more websites these days?

Three main reasons:

  • More customers expect businesses to be available 24/7
  • It expedites the first touchpoint with customers
  • It helps to immediately create and convert leads

An ICMI report found that visitors engaging with a company via live chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors that don’t.

Despite the objections of some law firms (customer privacy concerns, the complexity of inquiries, branding, etc.) live chat for lawyers is becoming a “must have” rather than a “nice to have.”

But which live chat software is best for law firms?

Below, we share our list of the 13 best live chat apps for lawyers.

** Are we missing a business from our list? Let us know! **




Trusted by more than 10,000 business owners, Ruby helps you create connections that win business and keep customers coming back. Our US-based, live chat specialists are available 24/7/365, so you can reclaim valuable time to do the work only you can do.

  • Pricing: $149-$549 per month depending on plan
  • Free Demo Available: 21-day money back guarantee for first time users
  • Law Firm Specific: 42% of customers are solo and small practice attorneys. Also services home services, medical, real estate, finance, etc.
  • Pros: Recognized for high level of quality and professionalism. 100% under one minute response rate. Dedicated customer success team. Ability to customize greetings and talking points. Quick and simple implementation. Real-time notifications via email and online dashboard. Connect-to-call feature with warm handoff. Provides virtual receptionist services in addition to chat.
  • Cons: Can’t access chats through Ruby app (only display receptionist service data)
  • Languages: English/Spanish




We provide live chat agents and services for law firm lead generation. Whatever your practice area – personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family, immigration, estate planning and more! – our easy-to-install live chat software captures more leads for your firm.

  • Pricing: Pay-per-lead
  • Free demo available? Yes – 14 days.
  • Law firm specific? Partly – also focuses on home services, medical, education, and marketing agencies.
  • Pros: Established since 2008 and used by over 2000 law firms (over 6500 businesses). Multiple, legal practice-trained chat agents available 24/7 with live call transfer functionality. Customizable for branding. Canned responses available and geo-targeting function. Text alerts for clients. Excellent customer service. Pay-per-lead means you only pay for results.
  • Cons: No screen sharing ability. Reporting could be improved according to some users.
  • Languages: English/Spanish.

Zoho SalesIQ



A platform that can help you boost your sales, support and marketing activities on your business website. Online live chat, visitor tracking and analytics rolled into one platform that integrates with the Zoho CRM.

  • Pricing: From free (two operators and 100 chat sessions) up to $116/month (10 operators and unlimited chat sessions). For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $53/month for 5 agents billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 15 days.
  • Law firm specific? No.
  • Pros: One of the more popular live chat programs with 100,000 users worldwide. Easy to set up. Fixed monthly fee so you know exactly what you have to pay. Live representatives available. Customized chat boxes to fit branding. Available in multiple languages. Suitable for larger law firms.
  • Cons: Not law firm or chat specific. Chat is part of a full suite of services, including CRM, email marketing, etc. (Admittedly, for some this may be positive). The missed chat queue could be improved.
  • Languages: Multiple languages offered.




CUGIC Chat software is helping law firms increase leads and reach out to potential clients by connecting with them in real time. Client’s issues are then transferred to the concerned experts for further legal assistance. The world’s most flexible live chat software.

  • Pricing: Free for 2 agent accounts (and 2 concurrent chats); From $9.50 to $35/month for paid plans with unlimited chats. For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $16/month/agent billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 14 days.
  • Law firm specific? Some law firm focus – but they also provide chat services for businesses from real estate to e-commerce and higher education to financial services.
  • Pros: Established in chat software for over a decade – with clients in 60+ countries. Easy to install and use. Can proactively invite your customers to chat. Fully customizable and can track website visitors (includes geotagging of customers). Affordable solution with attentive agents who look after your customers. Good integration with social media. Reporting system provided. Multilingual.
  • Cons: Users cannot chat with software bot.
  • Languages: Use of a chat widget translates into 42 languages.

Legal Chat 24/7



Visitors are at your web site because they need legal help. We greet each visitor 24/7, get their information and then send the ones that are potential clients directly to you via email, text or call transfer.

  • Pricing: Pay per lead – further details provided on application but the average is $25-30 per chat lead.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 14 days.
  • Law firm specific? 100%.
  • Pros: Exclusively designed for lawyers. Simple to get started. They provide a team of operators available 24/7/365 trained in using legal language and able to assist with customized chat scripts according to your law firm style/preferences. Transcript sent after each chat. Branded chat windows. Live phone call transfer function.
  • Cons: A little more expensive than other solutions per lead. It’s not possible to manage your own chats – chat is totally outsourced once you sign up.
  • Languages: English/Spanish

Client Chat Live



Created by lawyers, for lawyers. In 2008, we recognized that the pressure was growing for personal injury, mass tort, criminal law, and other B2C law firms to immediately respond to potential clients. We knew that many law firms were not equipped to quickly respond to leads during and after office hours. We created our live chat service for law firms because we know that an attorney’s time is better focused on doing what they do best – practicing law.

  • Pricing: Quote provided on request – flat rate pricing.
  • Free demo available? Yes – 14 days.
  • Law firm specific? Partly – but there is also a focus on medical and small businesses.
  • Pros: Well-established, with a strong focus on legal firms. Simple to get started with their installation team guidance. Proactive popups to invite web visitors to chat. Branded chat boxes. Professional operators available 24/7/365. Customizable scripts and responses. Immediate chat transcripts provided along with monthly reports.
  • Cons: Few online reviews to verify claims. Pricing is not made crystal clear. A shifting company emphasis towards its review-gathering service may also be perceived as a negative.
  • Languages: English/Spanish




Convert your visitors to happy customers. Bring conversations to life through voice and video chats. Put a face to your business and a voice to your answers.

  • Pricing: From $14.99/month/agent for unlimited chats to $39.99/month/agent for enterprise plan.  For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $21.99/month/agent billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – for 30 chats & 10 users.
  • Law firm specific? No.
  • Pros: Widely used – reportedly by over 185,000 businesses. Good balance between customer service and sales with cost-effective monthly plans. Browser-based & easy to set up. Fast and customizable. Easy for agents to get real-time info on visitors. Includes video chat, an integrated helpdesk with ticket tracking, and social toolbar. Enterprise version provides a dedicated account manager. Multilingual possibilities.
  • Cons: No screen-sharing or file-sharing feature. A few negative reviews about customer service.
  • Languages: Translation feature provides chat possibilities in 90 languages




Turn visitors into leads and customers into happy, engaged users. Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for teams who want to ace customer conversations—marketing, sales, or support.

  • Pricing: Free for limited functionality; from $19 to $99/month for more functionality based on helpdesk requirements, languages required, hours, reporting, etc. For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $39/month/agent billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 30 days.
  • Law firm specific? No.
  • Pros: Freshworks, the company behind Freshdesk, is well established and has grown quickly since 2010 (initially providing helpdesk software rather than live chat). Easy installation. Affordable plans. 30-day free trial offered – longer than most. Some interesting features like campaigns, sales bot, integrated self-service, and intelligent message routing. Customizable branding & geo-targeting. Multilingual possibilities.
  • Cons: No screen sharing. Some slow response times with support. No feature to export conversations to Freshdesk for support.
  • Languages: Multilingual support (for the higher plans of $39/month and above)

ZenDesk Chat



Add chat to your website or connect your messaging channels and start talking to customers in minutes. Chat and Message let you help customers in real time, which increases customer satisfaction. And satisfied customers are happier customers. Customers are three times more likely to make a purchase when you proactively send them a message.

  • Pricing: Annual plans from free to $59/agent/month. For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $29/month/agent billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 14 days.
  • Law firm specific? No.
  • Pros: Zendesk is one of the most established outsourced support and chat providers, offering a suite of products of which chat is one. 30,000 businesses use it. Easy to use with a good feature set including triggers, pre-chat and offline forms, visitor list, chat ratings, file sending, chatbots, reporting, etc. Customizable for company branding. Strong customer support too.
  • Cons: No screen sharing feature. The higher plans are required to get conversion analytics and tracking rates (but you can use third party software for that if you prefer). Lack of integration options beyond Zendesk.
  • Languages: Use of a chat widget provides multilingual support.




There are customers waiting on your website. What better way to offer them help than through a quick chat on your website? It’s way faster than email and more efficient than phone. Don’t make your customers wait.

  • Pricing: From $16/month/agent up to $149/month/agent for enterprise.  For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $50/month/agent billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 30 days.
  • Law firm specific? No.
  • Pros: Stable and respected – used by 26,000+ businesses in 150 countries. Recently acquired Easy to use. Seamless integration with 130+ tools. Live representatives available 14/7/365. Generous 30-day free trial. Good range of chat tools, customization options, and reporting/analytics. Includes ticketing system, team management and feedback-gathering. Good support team provided. Includes a mobile app for chat but not tickets. Multilingual.
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than most other options (but offers comprehensive features). Ticket system could be improved. No document storage facility. Quite resource-intensive.
  • Languages: 45 different languages.




Partner with us to get the full power of a dedicated enterprise chat platform! You’ll capture more leads, reduce response times, and enjoy dedicated customer service that understands live chat and your goals.

  • Pricing: From $16/user/month to $40/user/month. For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $26/user/month for a minimum of 3 users – billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 15 days.
  • Law firm specific? No – the focus is on growing, progressive organizations and the medical industry.
  • Pros: Well-established in live chat since 2008. Used by over 10,000 companies in 85+ countries. Chat is the company’s sole focus. Advanced integrations with CRMs, helpdesk software, Facebook Messenger, etc. Full features, including geo-targeting, visitor tracking and screen sharing. Robust security and privacy options. Award-winning customer support. Multilingual possibilities.
  • Cons: Proactive chat user interface not the easiest to use and can result in lost contacts. Slower load times for webpages experienced at times. Users cannot email themselves transcripts of chats.
  • Languages: Widget makes translations available in 30 languages

Acquire – Tagove



Where better conversations begin. Streamline your customer experience with scalable real-time chat. Easily engage customers with live chat and in-app messaging. Acquire is the fastest, most effective way to interact with customers across web and mobile.

  • Pricing: $25/month for one agent; $300/month for 10 agents and more features – each extra agent $30. For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $300/month option – billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes – 14 days.
  • Law firm specific? No.
  • Pros: Easy to get started and to use. Strong on customer support and the customer onboarding process. Good sales-oriented chat features including targeted messaging and feedback-gathering. Can resume chats from where you left off. Live analytics. Acquire also offers additional products, such as personalized chatbot, a powerful video and voice call option, as well as co-browsing.
  • Cons: Relative newcomer (founded in 2015). Slightly more expensive option for most smaller law firms needing between one and 10 agents.
  • Languages: English – but translation available for other languages.




Grow revenue, accelerate sales and improve support. Intercom’s live chat software enables seamless collaboration and smart automation for sales, marketing and support teams.

  • Pricing: Starts at $38-87/month for starter/essential packages. Pro package is $75-153/month (200 active people and 2 seats included) for a stronger lead conversion focus. For most law firms, the most suitable package would probably be: $153/month option billed annually.
  • Free trial available? Yes- 14 days.
  • Law firm specific? No.
  • Pros: Well-established since 2011. Very sales and growth-focused – engaging customers in the chat is only one aspect of the platform: marketing automation, SMS marketing and targeted messaging campaigns (to particular customer segments) also provided. Good integrations with social media, CRMs, email software, support desks, etc. Many large progressive companies use Intercom.
  • Cons: Pricing is a little complicated. No offline forms or screen sharing function. Customization options could be improved, as could customer support response times.
  • Languages: Multilingual.

The web never shuts – why should your law firm?

Law firm websites can spend a lot of time and money generating leads.

Live chat is a tool to help convert leads that arrive at your website 24/7 and to help turn organic traffic from “just browsing” to “interested” 24/7.

If you’re getting plenty of traffic but few firm inquiries, live chat can help you turn it around.

Now you know what the best available options on the market are, will you choose one specific for law firms or a more general, business-focused one? A pay-per-lead option or a flat rate option?

Try before you buy with the free trials and discover the one that best suits you.

After all, the web never shuts down. Why should your law firm?