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We help law firms getmore clients with Facebook PPC Advertising.

Facebook can be a game-changer for your law firm. With around 1.5 billion active users daily and half the planet using Facebook, tapping into this amazing potential should be a no-brainer for your business.

Our proven Facebook ad strategy will help you make the most of the world’s largest social platform. With our help, you can finally start converting potential customers into paying ones.

Step 1: Campaign Strategy

To understand your Facebook campaign goals and develop a strategy, we start with a discovery session.

This involves:

  • A short intake form to gather the information we need
  • Communicating key information about your marketing objectives and your target audience
  • More questions about your business by email or on a call

Our aim is to get the highest volume of qualified leads clicking through to your website at the lowest possible cost.


Step 2: Audience Research

Before creating your ads, we research your target audience to identify their demographics, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Profession
  • Educational background
  • Specific interests

Then, we create custom audiences and targeted campaigns to reach them.

Step 3: Ad Design & Copywriting

At this stage, we’re ready to create your ad campaign.

Our Facebook ad specialists are experienced at creating high-converting ads that encourage your target audience to click through to sign up to a service, take advantage of an offer, or take other desired actions.


Step 4: Account Setup & Configuration

The next step is to create your Facebook advertising account.

We’ll look after the setup and configuration for you. You’re then ready to kick off your Facebook ad campaign, according to pre-set ad budgets and agreed-upon parameters.

Step 5: Analytics Installation

How are your ads performing?

Our analytics tools (similar to Google Analytics for your website) measure the key performance metrics of your Facebook ads: clicks, impressions, click-through-rates, conversions and engagement.


Step 6: Facebook Management & Optimization

Smart marketing strategy is never set and forget. You test, track, optimize, and test again to get it right.

As well as optimizing your campaign ads for the best possible yields, your landing pages need to be designed to convert the traffic you receive.

We’ll manage all the Facebook advertising side of things and provide regular performance reports to you.

Leave Facebook to us while you convert the leads

We’ll research your industry and target audience and do our homework on their Facebook usage habits. Then we’ll track and tweak the ads until they’re pulling in the leads.

Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Strategy

No one-offs here. We develop Facebook strategies for law firms that work for the long-term. After securing a deep knowledge of your firm, services, clients and what makes you unique, we design Facebook pay-per-click campaigns that drive business to your digital front door.

Extensive Audience Research

Our experience means we’re experts at identifying the interests, demographics and ad formats that match the audience you are attempting to reach. We factor in networks, location, and bidding options to determine cost-effective methods for turning Facebook clicks into new customers.

Intelligent Account Structure and Configuration

When it comes to Facebook marketing, you have to sweat the details to be successful. We ensure all the small things are taken care of when we create and configure Facebook Advertising accounts for our clients.

Creative Ad Writing and Design

Turning Facebook campaigns into new business is about more than getting the technical components right. You have to have compelling ads that make people want to click and find out more. We write and design ads that promote your unique firm and test them continually to refine the copy until it’s just right.

Detailed Campaign Monitoring and Data Analysis

Facebook is not just an effective digital marketing tool, it can also be tracked with remarkable accuracy. We use this data not only to make your campaigns better but also show exactly how they are performing. You receive monthly reports detailing our successes and areas for improvement.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization and Refinement

Facebook is not “set and forget.” Many firms and agencies make that mistake. Not us. We continually refine and optimize your campaign to reduce your advertising costs and increase the number of prospect inquiries you receive.

Learn more about our Facebook Advertising services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to manage a Facebook campaign without using a professional’s help, however, the same could be said about writing your own will, handling your real estate transaction or (heaven forbid) defending yourself in court.

We leverage years of experience to ensure you’re getting the highest return on your digital marketing investment.

For starters, Facebook Ad campaigns are separated into two fee structures. The first is your media buy, this is the fee paid directly to Facebook (on your credit card) for the clicks accrued with your campaign. Next, is the management fee, this is the fee paid to our team for the management and optimization of your campaign.

We require a minimum monthly media buy of $1,000 and a monthly management fee of $750.

As the media buy increases, the number of hours required to manage and optimize the campaign increases as well. Book a consultation today to learn more about our pricing structure for the management of your campaign.

A Facebook Media Buy is the fees paid to Facebook for the clicks a campaign accrues. It operates on a common advertising model called Pay-Per-Click (PPC). When an ad appears on Facebook, you are not charged for the impression, you only incur a charge when a customer clicks one of your ads.

Absolutely. We have a formal process for gaining access to a client’s Facebook Ad accounts.

Facebook employs sophisticated fraud detection software to monitor irregularities in click activity from blocked and recurring IP addresses. If fraudulent clicks occur, the cost of the click is refunded to your account.

Yes. People are clicking ads, even if you aren’t.

Configuring conversion tracking (analytics programmed to monitor your customer’s actions on your website) we can evaluate the number of sales leads generated for your campaign, its conversion rate and the cost per lead. This data reports the campaign’s performance and your return on investment.

Once a campaign is activated, it typically displays in Facebook’s platform within a few hours.

In most cases, our clients receive a sales lead on the first day of initiating a campaign. With a larger budget, multiple sales leads can be expected on the first day.