Our Story

A highly specialized team of digital marketing experts.

Law firms and solo attorneys have trusted Inbound for exceptional digital marketing services since 2009. Started as a WordPress web development shop, we quickly found our niche in providing a full suite of digital marketing services to the legal industry.

Now, we’re one of the leading providers of Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords Management, and Website Design and Development services to attorneys across the US and Canada.

Our clients’ websites generate millions of page views each year and thousands of qualified sales leads. We accomplish this by leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.

Real Results

Get the results your other agency promised you.

Inbound is the firm attorneys hire when they want to go head-to-head in a competitive practice area. We are with you every step of the way to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that gets results and we have the case studies to prove it.

Did we mention, you’ll love working with us? We provide an all-in-one solution which includes websites, hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords and copywriting. Or as well like to say, we’ll be your “one throat to choke”.

To give you an example of how powerful SEO can be, take a look at one of our legal client case studies. Below is a screenshot of this law firm’s organic website visits (website visits that came in through search engines).


Compared to the first year, SEO helped this lawyer increase organic visits by:

  • 51% (percent change in the second month of the SEO campaign).
  • 360% (percent change over 6 months of the SEO campaign).

Real People

Analytical thinkers with a creative flair, we straddle the line between right and left brain.

We believe in bringing the world’s most talented people to your project – regardless of geography. With a head office in Calgary, AB, Inbound’s team consists of 5 full-time marketing experts and a network of legal marketing professionals that span across Western Canada.

Each member of our digital marketing team has received their Google Adwords certification.


Our Culture

We’re passionate about winning, dedicated to building relationships and constantly striving to drive the legal marketing industry forward.

Unlike other vocations, digital marketing cannot be taught in a college or university, it simply changes too quickly for a traditional curriculum to keep up. It is a career you can only learn by doing, testing, experimenting and breaking things. Fortunately, these days we break far fewer things than we did in our early years.

Outside of the office our team enjoys exploring the Canadian Rocky Mountains, consuming copious amounts of coffee, escaping Locked Rooms, and solving Rubik’s Cubes.