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Our approach to SEO was created for law firms by senior professionals who understand the legal industry.

  • Improve your firm’s visibility
  • Get your firm to the top of the rankings for selected keywords
  • Generate a steady flow of traffic to your website
  • Get ahead of your competition

Say goodbye tobad SEO advice.

Your firm may have been let down in the past by an SEO provider. That won’t be us. We deliver SEO campaigns that work. Period. You can rely on our senior SEO professionals who are both good at what they do and understand the business of law.

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We don’t hide behind the complexity of SEO. You don’t have to understand everything we do, but you will see the results. We provide detailed, easy-to-read reports that show exactly what our SEO management is doing for you.


Complete law firm SEO services

You practice law.

We’ll drive prospects to your website. Deal?

Extensive Keyword Research

With great care and attention, we identify the search keywords that will generate the largest volume of visitors to your website, and with the lowest competition.

Complete Site Optimization

We will modify your website’s content, code and architecture to eliminate anything that might lower its SEO effectiveness.

Expert Link Building

High quality links remain a key component of law firm SEO. Providing they abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, links are like digital votes, and may be the difference between SEO success and failure.

Obsessive Citation Building

We identify the online directories most relevant to your law firm and submit your listing, creating a local presence and improving local search results.

Social Media and Online Reviews

More than 70 percent of website visitors now consult reviews and social media prior to making a purchase decision. This includes those looking for legal services. We work with you to ensure that positive reviews are nurtured and negative reviews are managed.

Google My Business Optimization

An optimized listing in Google’s local business directory is an important component in improving your law firm’s local rankings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s rankings in Google’s local and organic search results. An increase in rankings, typically, result in higher visibility and more clicks to a website.

It’s one of the three most important ranking factors – according to Google itself.  Links are used by the search engines to help determine the level of authority, trust, and value that a website provides.

It’s through link-building that you can demonstrate that your law firm is credible, relevant, and of high value to your community.

Check the section on link-building for more specific tips about this: in short, link-building is an essential part of any SEO campaign.

To avoid a conflict of interest, we accept two firm’s per practice area per city. In some cases, our clients have negotiated for a higher level of service which includes exclusivity.

You can consider black hat SEO as the methods used in the past to trick the search engines into ranking a website highly.

This includes both on-page and off-page methods. Examples like link-building through link farms and keyword cramming are typical of the type of shady practices used in SEO before the Google Panda and Penguin updates. They were aimed at quick wins rather than steady, organic growth of a website.

White hat SEO is what we have described above: aimed at medium-to-long-term SEO success, getting a website to rank well with content that speaks the language of the search engines but that is predominantly designed for human visitors.

Yes. Absolutely. If you have the understanding and the time. Both of these demands are quite considerable at first.

Most attorneys do not possess enough of either; and many smaller law firms cannot justify hiring a permanent SEO marketing professional.

So, in most cases it’s outsourced to an SEO firm.

How much do you need traffic visiting your website? If you have so much word-of-mouth business that you are permanently busy working on cases, then there is a chance you might not need SEO right now. But your business probably won’t grow.

For most law firms, the extra traffic generated by their website ranking well on the search engines generates significant numbers of new leads. Law can be quite a competitive area, so well-run SEO campaigns are a competitive edge that can grow a law firm and help it take the next step up.

What you will spend depends on many factors, including the present SEO ‘status’ of your website, what you are hoping to achieve, and how competitive your practice area and locations are.

The one thing you should know is this: providing you hire the right company, have realistic goals, and are prepared to invest time and money in SEO, the results you achieve in terms of boosted traffic will vastly outweigh what you have paid.

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