Lawyer Statistics: +40 Eye-Opening Stats & Trends

lawyer-statisticsThe legal industry is one of the most revered in the world. It is also one of the largest.

In 2021, the total global market size of the legal services industry is over $750-billion. Further, it is projected to rise to over $900-billion by 2025.

The industry’s growth, and advancements in technology, have primed it for innovation in the coming years and decades.

As the legal industry continues to evolve, it is critical that lawyers, and individuals who work for them, be informed on legal trends.

In this article, we share +40 lawyer statistics. Let’s get started!

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Website & Marketing

1. 68% of law firms say their website is mobile-friendly.


2. 59% of consumers seek a referral for their lawyer.


3. 57% of consumers look for a lawyer on their own, and many search online.


4. 37% of consumers now prefer videoconference when meeting their lawyer for the first time.


5. 46% of law firms have a marketing budget.


6. 13% of firms say “no one” is responsible for marketing in their firms.


7. 66% of solo attorneys do their own marketing.


8. 97% of firms of 100+ lawyers report having an internal marketing staff.


9. 81% of all firms maintain a presence on at least one social media platform.


10. 63% of firms reported they maintain a Facebook presence.


11. 87% of firms reported having a website.


12. 98% of law firms with websites include profiles of the firm’s partners.


13. 47% of firms show recent successful cases on their websites.


14. 56% of firms said their website included legal articles written in-house.


15. 75% of firms claim content is mainly created by one or more lawyers.


16. 40% of firms say their websites use SSL security.


17. Only 5% of firms say their sites use live chat.


18. Only 11% of solos offer clients a secure client portal on their website.


19. 44% of firms offer unbundled legal services through their website.



1. Lawyers don’t collect on 12% of the hours they bill.

2. Billable hours make up 31% of a lawyer’s work day.

3. The lowest average hourly billing rate by practice area was $88 for juvenile.

4. The highest average hourly billing rate by practice area was $347 for bankruptcy.

5. The highest average hourly billable rate by state was $380 in DC.


6. The average billable rate for lawyers is close to $300 per hour.



1. In 2019, the median pay for a lawyer was $122,960.

2. Jobs for lawyers are expected to grow 4% in the next decade.

3. 37% of lawyers are female.

4. There are 1.3 million lawyers in the US.


1. 37% of legal professionals say most if not all lawyers should run their practice virtually.


2. 45% of legal professionals believe technology can help create a more equitable justice system.


3. 62% of law firms budget for technology.


4. 89% of legal professionals believe court systems can be improved with better access to technology.


5. 59% of lawyers are using web-based software solutions.


6. 57% of electronic payments to lawyers get paid within the same day they are billed. 85% get paid within a week.


7. 40% of consumers would never hire a lawyer who didn’t take debit or credit.


8. 72% of consumers would prefer to pay their legal fees via payment plans.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do law firms spend on marketing?

Most small to medium-sized law firms invest between $1,000 – $5,000 per month in their digital marketing programs. That said, some firms choose to invest more, while others invest less. Firms in competitive practice areas like personal injury, criminal defense, and family law often spend more on their marketing programs than firms in practice areas like civil litigation, real estate, and small business and corporate law.

Generally speaking, marketing fees are 15-25% of revenue. For example, if your marketing program generates $10,000 in revenue, you can expect to pay between $1,500 – $2,500.

Can a lawyer do marketing?

Yes. Law firms are allowed to advertise their services. However, be forewarned, the legal industry has stringent restrictions enforced by the state or provincial bar association.

Most commonly, law firms receive citations when their advertising is misleading or makes claims the firm cannot substantiate. This includes claims to suggesting the firm is the best or top provider of its services. Or that it is an expert or specialized (unless it holds special qualifications).

What percentage of lawyers are successful?

Success is subjective. That said, a study conducted in 2019 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that the median pay scale for an attorney was $122,960. Although, the figure varied significantly by region.

Where did you collect the data for your report?

The data for the statistics were compiled from several sources including the following: